Dipping my toe in the blog universe

This is a new realm for me. I feel like I've just landed on the moon. Now, I just have to see if there are other beings similar to myself to get this show on the road.


14 Responses to “Dipping my toe in the blog universe”

  1. Cody Says:

    this is ground control to major tung….can you hear me major tung….blog, universe, realm, moon, beings….and parallel…..you are the next generation!!….warp 9….engage….make it so…..ps, earl grey hot please!!!

  2. paralleluniverse Says:

    What a relief to find signs of life and intelligence in the universe.
    Thank you for the response. I have rare Dune-worm steak. Care to join me for lunch?

  3. Cody Says:

    Dune-worm steak !!! your kidding….last time I had that was on a voyage thru the Pleaides system….absolutley…count me in…

  4. paralleluniverse Says:

    I’m pleased then. I’ll send directions once I have a cleared and secure line. You’ve made me very happy.
    May the Source be with you.

  5. Cody Says:

    b b beep…b b beep….any universe shattering news fit to print this fine day….cody out…

  6. paralleluniverse Says:

    Hi Cody,

    Good to hear from you this fine day. I’m still waiting to hear from Deebs Von Boor but she’s still intimidated to communicate.

    Roger, out.

  7. mandaloo Says:

    welcome to the blog realm… look forward to hearing more out of you.

  8. paralleluniverse Says:

    Wow, how did you find out about my blog. very cool to see your name here. dropped in on your site and am bowled over. you’re a pro!

  9. mandaloo Says:

    paralleluniverse – just checked on your blog and am somewhat sad that you have not added. i know you have much to say and have great opinions on various things in this world (and things not in this world). i genuinely hope that you will one day have time to add to this blog as i look forward to reading your thoughts. have a great one – enjoy the fall weather as it rolls in.

  10. paralleluniverse Says:

    My dearest Mandaloo,

    You are so very kind to comment on my contributions to this world. I long to share my ideas and feelings and need reminding so that I may jump the hypnotic rails of samsaric reality and touch the truth of connectioning with Universal Love.
    I’ve been dreaming lately about having a group to air and share thoughts and feelings that meets once a week. My past experience tells me that it would be a good thing. It would be a growth thing.
    I have several opportunities at the moment. I just have to unplug from this work mania that has me captive till the end of the year.
    Well, thanks for listening. May you be happy on the deepest levels of your being.

  11. Cody Says:

    Well hello there dear paralleluniverse,

    Have you been on a different plain lately…seems like light years since you’ve visited here on earth. I have been anxiously awaiting for that group you were dreaming about…you know, the one where we would all gather once a week and share thoughts and feelings. Here’s a little something to ponder while you take a little break from working at warp speed…

    The world is a magical place. Just because you have grown accustomed to the magic does not make it any less so.

    Look out in any direction, and think about what you see. You see life, you see beauty, you see possibilities, you see fulfillment, you see all these magical things happening.

    You have the ability to imagine, and then to take whatever you imagine and make it real. What could possibly be more magical than that?

    Everything you now know has been put in place by that same sort of magic. Whatever you would like to know and to experience is waiting for you to create.

    This moment is your opportunity to work your own special magic.

    Imagine the very best, and then through the magic of your life you can ……make it so!

    It was good to connect with you dearest paralleluniverse…..off screen

  12. spinkGes Says:

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  13. frighteninglyreal Says:

    the world is a magical place..grown accustomed…yeah thats cool. Might use that 🙂

  14. sampsonsilva70988 Says:

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